Useful Links

The management of pipeline integrity is being addressed by various pipeline companies, institutes and governmental agencies. This page is intended to allow you to access those of them that have a Web presence and to correspond via e-mail with the relevant people. If you become aware of a Web page or person that should be included please send an e-mail with the particulars.

Research Institutes with relevant Web pages include:

The Gas Technology Institute (gti), Chicago, IL sponsors and manages research & development in several relevant fields. These activities are carried out by selected contractors.

Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH carries out research on many topics related to pipeline integrity. See the GRI sponsored report on the Magnetic Flux Leakage technique.

Southwest Research Institute carries out research & development in several relevant fields.

Applied Magnetics Group, Queens University, Kingston, ON carries out research on the application of magnetics to the detection and quantification of metal loss in steel pipelines.

Governmental Agencies and Industry Associations with relevant Web pages include:

  1. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

  2. National Energy Board of Canada

  3. Pipeline Research Council International

  4. American Petroleum Institute

  5. American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  6. Interstate Natural Gas Association of America

  7. NACE International – The Corrosion Society

  8. Canadian Standards Association

  9. American Society for Nondestructive Testing

  10. Transportation Safety Board – Canada

  11. National Transportation Safety Board – USA

  12. American Gas Association

  13. Canadian Gas Association

  14. Southern Gas Association

  15. Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

  16. Railroad Commission of Texas

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