About Fraser Farmer


Fraser Farmer is the principal of PipeLink Associates. Fraser, an electrical engineer, has spent over 20 years in the pipeline industry. He has managed engineering and operations activities at a major Canadian pipeline company and has acted as senior startup advisor to a major international pipeline company. He has directed the development of software for SCADA systems, real time control systems and for an in-line metal loss inspection system. He has been CEO of BASELINE TECHNOLOGIES, a Canadian company designing and and supplying pipeline information integration software.

Fraser is Director, Operations Support for Southern Gas Association. In that capacity he has managed web-based conferences on “The Role of ILI Standards in Pipeline Integrity Management” and “Pipeline Integrity Management”. He has also managed and been a key presenter at workshops on “Pipeline Integrity Management”, “Pipeline Inspection Using Intelligent Pigs” and “Pipeline Repair Methods”.

PipeLink Associates was formed by Fraser in response to the challenges being faced by every pipeline company due to reduced manpower. Despite this manpower limitation, the requirements to diligently address environmental issues, maximize the life of facilities and to operate safely and economically remain.

Fraser is an organizer and key presenter at pipeline industry workshops in the USA and the Middle East, India and Malaysia that focus on the role of in-line inspection in the minimization of risk.

Marketing & Contracts

Fraser developed, recommended and implemented worldwide marketing strategies at PIPETRONIX Ltd. with the objective of maximizing contribution to overhead and profit from pipeline integrity services and products. He developed and maintained up-to-date computer information bases on:

a) Pipeline industry needs and trends.
b) Pipeline statistics.
c) Pipeline inspection plans of potential clients.
d) Competitors.
e) Customer satisfaction level.
f) Industry pricing levels.
g) Revenue forecasts.

He utilized this information to set overall objectives, budgets and plans and to set priorities in sales efforts. Research, development, manufacturing and operations set their objectives from this information and budgeted accordingly.

Computer Systems for Pipelines

Fraser was responsible for managing the group at PIPETRONIX Ltd. charged with the development and deployment of the MagneScan HR pipeline inspection equipment and associated PC Windows based data analysis and display software. Graphics are used to allow visualization of the nature of the pipeline imperfections while automatic routines are able to build data bases that can be interfaced to other applications for statistical evaluation.

He worked with the executive steering committee at TransCanada PipeLines Limited to identify new directions for better exploitation of computer technology. This resulted in the subsequent introduction of networked Macintosh PCs and the replacement of the central mainframe computer with distributed departmental machines.

He supervised the engineering group at TransCanada PipeLines Limited responsible for compressor station control and system telemetry (SCADA). The group developed the real-time computer control system software which is installed at more than 50 TCPL compressor stations.

He supervised the engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of a computer based SCADA system with automatic centralized custody transfer gas measurement for the Pipeline Authority of South Australia. He designed and commissioned the real-time computer software.

Management – Pipeline Operations & Maintenance

Fraser advised senior management of Danish Oil & Natural Gas on all aspects of operations and maintenance related to the startup of the Danish natural gas transmission system.

He managed the groups that implemented the organization, procedures and facilities for the operation and maintenance of:

• Onshore natural gas transmission system
• Gas processing plant
• Offshore gas pipeline
• Offshore and onshore oil pipeline system

This resulted in a confident and competent start-up of these facilities with client’s own staff. Subsequently, the client has been able to offer pipeline operations consultancy services to other pipeline companies.

Fraser managed three compressor station operations and maintenance support groups at TransCanada PipeLines Limited dealing with:

• Compression equipment
• Compressor performance analysis
• Compressor station facilities

He managed the introduction of a comprehensive technical training program for all field staff.

Consulting – Pipeline Industry

Fraser managed consulting projects in the UK, Algeria, Hungary and Australia on behalf of International PipeLine Engineering Limited (a subsidiary of TransCanada PipeLines ).

The UK project involved modeling a compressor station and evaluating various options for control systems utilizing the analog/digital hybrid computer facility at the National Research Council of Canada.

The project in Algeria involved the feasibility studies, facilities design and route selection for the Algerian portion of the Algeria to Italy gas pipeline.

The Hungarian project involved licensing a client to use TCPL compressor station computer control software and training their personnel in Budapest and in Toronto.

He managed the construction of the first compressor station in Australia for the Pipeline Authority of South Australia.


B. Eng. (Electrical)
Technical University of Nova Scotia

Professional Memberships

Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario